Become a Youth Ambassador

Our Ambassadorship program was created for youth and young adults who want to take their involvement to the next level. They are a group of youth leaders who are motivated to make a difference in Utah and in Mali. Through training, engagement and activation in their school or neighborhood communities, they serve as ambassadors of the Ouelessebougou Alliance.


“Our Youth Ambassadors will develop a deep commitment to volunteerism and community service that will last a lifetime.”

For decades, young people have been eager to support the villages in Ouelessebougou. The Ambassador Program was created to give Utah students opportunities for increased engagement. These youth leaders will not only make a long-term difference in our Ouelessebougou communities, but also make an impact here in Utah. They will also develop self confidence, make new friends, understand global issues and gain life-long leadership skills.
Judy Hut

Our Programs

We have developed two ambassadorship programs to engage youth and young adults.

Youth Ambassadors
Our Youth Ambassadors Program is for young people ages 10 – 21. Selected students will serve for one year starting in September. Ambassadors may reapply to the program when their term is complete. The program will rely heavily on the involvement of its participants. Engagement opportunities will vary by age group and will be driven by the ideas of each Ambassador. 

  • Elementary: Ambassadors will learn about life and humanitarian work in Mali. They will be mentored by older ambassadors and discover fun ways to engage their schools or communities. 
  • Junior High: Ambassadors will also learn about Mali and have opportunities for increased engagement including working with high school students to organize presentations, fundraisers or service projects.
  • High School: Ambassadors serve as mentors and support our younger ambassadors in their projects. This includes creating presentations, leading service projects or fundraisers. We can work with them to meet leadership, community service or volunteer requirements for schools or clubs. 

Students not looking to make a long-term commitment are invited to participate in our single school or youth activities. Visit the Resources section for ideas on how to get involved. 

Applications for the 2021 – 2022 year are closed. Check back in Summer 2022.

2021 - 2022 Youth Ambassadors

OA Ambassadorship
Our OA Ambassadorship Program is a limited opportunity which requires a more extensive application, interview and acceptance by a review board. Individuals ages 18 – 24 may apply. This is a two-year commitment with advanced leadership, international development, and hands-on humanitarian experience, which includes the opportunity to fundraise and pay for a trip to Ouelessebougou on an OA expedition.


Applications will be posted in the Fall 2021.