Junior High

These resources will be updated as we have more ideas and success stories to share!

Sister Schools Program

Junior High Schools: Through the Sister Schools program, a Utah elementary school is connected with a junior high school in Mali for a long-term partnership. As of 2021, we actively partner with 12 elementary schools in commune of Ouelessebougou. Students will be able to participate in education days, cultural exchanges and fundraisers. We encourage students to pair up with their local elementary or high school for a broader impact. Many of our Junior High School projects are led by youth and our Youth Ambassadors. Find out more about our Sister Schools Program by visiting our Elementary resource section.

Single School or Youth Activities

Like our Elementary School programs, we offer resources that are focused more on schools, homeschools, community groups or youth groups that desire to connect with Mali through a one-time project or fundraiser. Visit our Elementary resource section to discover ideas on how you can get involved. 

Success Stories

  • Katie Redd coordinated a neighborhood fundraiser for Christmas and invited her neighbors to a driveway hot chocolate get-together. She passed out information about the Alliance’s education programs and raised funds to support our elementary schools.
  • Andrew Kimble reached out to his former principal at Crestview Elementary and initiated a long-term sister school partnership between them and the village of Tamala. 
  • Albion Middle School invited Djiba Soumaoro to visit their French classes and talk about life in Mali, West Africa.

Become a Youth Ambassador

Junior High or Middle School students of all ages are invited to apply and participate. The program allows students to develop leadership skills and broaden the impact of their service by connecting and inspiring others.